What is Trans Resveratrol (99,9% trans-resveratrol)?

Resveratrol is among others in red wine and in the Japanese knotweed.
Red wine is known to be good for the heart, blood vessels, skin and hair. It is an anti-oxidant with anti-aging properties *. The substance that is responsible for this is called Resveratrol. one liter of red wine contains 1.5 to 3 milligram of Resveratrol. Starting from 3 milligrams, you need 166 to 167 liters to get one capsule of our 500mg Resveratrol. Our Resveratrol has a purity of 99%. This gives the best result. There are two types of Resveratrol, Cis-Resveratrol and Trans-Resveratrol. Trans-Resveratrol is more biologically active. Trans-resveratrol has been for health benefits, not Cis-resveratrol. 

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